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Rich Pulio

Industrious business attorney out of Lancaster, PA. 

Former wrestler and graduate at Penn State University. Rich is still heavily active in youth sports in Lancaster, PA. He travels to many national and international level wrestling events. He recently joined our board last spring and has had an active roll in bringing Royce and his crew to Eastern Pennsylvania. A much needed visionary for BTS Des Moines.

Zach Dinan
Zach Wrestle.jpeg

A former student of Royce Alger, securing a New York state prep title in 2013. His brother, Mike, was also coached by Royce to grab two second place titles in 16' and 17'. Zach went on to wrestle and graduate from Harvard in 2017. He is currently employed in the San Francisco area. His parents, Elizabeth Miller and James Dinan are currently the team leaders for USA Wrestling for the 2021 Olympic Games.

Mike McKlintock

Owner and president of Sunflower wrestling. Mike has owned and operated "Hopkins Sporting Goods" for the past two decades. Mike is still very active in the sport of wrestling, designing and selling wrestling apparel on a national level.

President and founder of Beat The Streets Des Moines.

Royce is currently head coach of Team Titan Mercury Wrestling Club, taking them to Cuba 5x and Iran 4x.

He has also been a part of the US Olympic Ancillary Staff for three consecutive Olympic Games.

Zach Dinan moments before he secured his 2013 New York state title.

Sam Portillo
Royce Alger
Board Members

Sam has coached in Tuscon, Arizona for three decades. He has sent dozens of his kids to division 1 programs. Portillo has propelled wrestlers from his Sunny Side and Desert View High Schools, to the top of the podium at the Arizona state AA tournament. He is currently an educator at Desert View HS. Sam has an extensive list of international events he has coached at for Team USA, both junior and senior levels.

Royce Alger
President and Founder

Royce is interviewed by ESPN after winning the second of his two NCAA individual wrestling championships in 1987.


Alger and his family before being inducted into the Hawkeye Hall of Fame.

Another US Open team championship for Team Titan Mercury.


Moscow 1991, when Royce won World Cup gold medal. Coached by legendary Dave Shultz

Royce graduated in 1983 from Lisbon Highschool. He won three state titles in 81, 82, and 83. Upon graduating he packed his bag to go wrestle at the University of Iowa, under the coaching of the legendary Dan Gable. (A life long dream of Alger's.)

At Iowa, Alger enjoyed several career highlights. Royce won the Big Ten title three years in a row, at three different weights-- 158, 167, 177 (only one other man to do this!)

Royce also won National titles his junior and senior year without a collegiate loss.

Upon graduating from Iowa, Royce reached even higher pinnacles, winning 3 US Opens and placing silver in the world championships in 1990.

After retiring from international wrestling, Royce continued his love for wrestling; taking a job at the University of Iowa, once again under the ever watchful eye of Dan Gable.

Royce moved to and currently lives in Des Moines, IA. He has worked as a business consultant for Transworld Systems, a  debt solution business, since 2006.

Royce has volunteered his time at Dowling Catholic High School during his son's, Eli and Jesse's, involvement. So never very far from the sport!

As for Beat the Streets Des Moines, it was a aggregate of timing and good luck.

Royce was still traveling around the country, working with various wrestling clubs and USA Wrestling, when he discovered Beat the Streets New York City. A wrestling club of six boroughs from NYC. President, Mike Novogratz, opened dialogue on how to set up a BTS. So the proverbial ball started to roll! The following year,

Royce decided to open his own BTS.


Royce Alger with 1993 Iowa coaching staff. (Left to right) Jim Zalesky (3x NCAA Champion), Tom Brands (1996 Olympic Gold Medalist), Dan Gable (1972 Olympic Gold Medalist).


1990 USA World Champion team gathered in Tokyo, Japan. Alger took home a silver medal.


Team Titan Mercury Club takes silver in Joybar, Iran at the 2016 World Clubs Cup, with Royce as head coach.

Royce and his two sons, Jesse (middle) and Eli (right).


Royce Alger and former coach, Dan Gable (President Trump recently awarded with "Presidential Medal of Freedom"). to recognize people who have made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors".


Royce pictured at 2019 US Open Championship with founder and team leader of Titan Mercury, Andy Barth.

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